Participation guide

Booth participation application

  • Submit application form
  • Submitting an Application by e-mail

    Early Bird application ~Jun 30 / General application ~Jul 31
    ※ ~Jun 30 (for discounted price)
  • Pay deposit
  • Pay deposit

    Deposit: 50% of total booth fee
    ※ It must be paid in 7 days after submitting application form
  • Balance due payment
  • Pay balance due

    ※ It must be paid by July 31
  • Application for
    auxiliary facilities
  • apply for additional facilities

    - such as electricity, internet, etc
  • Exhibition starts
  • The show starts!

    August 24(Thu) / Hall D2, Coex

Applications received and inquiries

- Submitting an Application by e-mail
Tel: +82-2-6000-8152 I Email: /

Booth type

Shell scheme Premium booth
기본부스 프리미엄부스
- Floor 3m x 3m
- Height 3.5m

Provided Specifications
- sign board(company name in Kor, Eng both)
- 1 desk, 1 chair
- 3 lights (inside a booth)
- electricity(1kW)
- 1 outlet (not available to use power strip)
- Floor 3m x 3m
- Height 3.5m

Provided Specifications
- LED sign board
- 1 desk, 1 chair
- 5 lights
- electricity(1kW)
- 1 outlet (not available to use power strip)
Space only Flea market booth
기본부스 프리미엄부스
- Floor 3m x 3m
(Provides Floor area only)

Provided Specifications
Separate construction for floor finishing, electricity, lighting, wall materials, etc.
※ Independent booths can only be applied for 2 or more booths.
Wooden flea market booth type
*only available for ‘Travel goods’ items

Provided Specifications
Sign board, 1 chair
※ Booth specifications are subject to change due to the organizer's circumstances.

Booth fee

division Space only Shell scheme Premium booth Flea market
Booth fee
*VAT not included
Early bird
(~Jun 30)
USD1,600 USD2,000
(~Jul 31)
USD1,800 USD2,100
구분 급배수 압축공기 RF 시스템 유선 LAN 전기단상




단가(원) 150,000원 150,000원 200,000원 150,000원 60,000원 60,000원
구분 국내전화 국제전화 전기단상24h






단가(원) 150,000원 150,000원 200,000원 150,000원 60,000원
※ VAT 별도

Contact us

- if you want to cancel the participation
- If you want to know more details about auxiliary facilities All That Travel 2023 Secretariat
    Tel: +82-2-6000-8152 I Email:

Sponsorship program guide

Benefits - Offline news release - COEX X-space electronic display advertisement - Signage and logo exposure in ad video - Free exhibition booth space (depends on sponsorship class)

*For more information,
 please contact All That Travel secretariat directly.
All That Travel 2023 Secretariat
Tel: 82-2-3772-0354, 02-6000-8152 I Email:

참가업체 매뉴얼

참가업체 FAQ

Q. How can I participate in the exhibition?

A. Fill out and submit the application form on the website and get approval from the secretariat, the application will be completed.

Q. In the case of ‘Booth only’, Is it necessary to construct booths only by companies designated by COEX?

1) For the safety management and efficient operation of the COEX exhibition hall, we select and operate service partners. So please refer to the list of “COEX-designated partners” and select one of them.

2) However, if it is unavoidable to construct the booth directly, the booth blueprint, the list of workers, and the self-construction pledge must be submitted to the secretariat in advance and be approved.

Q. When can I check the Booth layout?

A. Booth layout will be released one week before the exhibition.

Q. How to use parking lots in exhibition period ?

1) COEX does not offer free parking tickets to exhibitors.
2) It’s 6,000 KRW per hour for an economy car, and 4,800 KRW per hour for mobile payment with Kakao T parking.
3) Free parking is provided for 3 hours only for cargo vehicles during the device and demolition period, so please use the free QR code.

Q. When can I get a tax invoice of participation fee payment?

A. Tax invoice will generally be issued by e-daily at end of the exhibition. If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat.

Q. When will electricity be available?

A. Electricity will be supplied after 4 p.m. on the last day of booth installation.

Q. How can I use an Internet in the exhibition hall?

A. You can fill out the LAN application form and submit it to the secretariat. If you need Wi-Fi, please contact SK Broadband(02-6000-1588).

Q. How can I get an exhibition pass?

A. The exhibition pass will be issued at the entrance registration desk of the exhibition hall with your ID or business card from 2 p.m. on the last day of booth installation.

Q. Is it possible to re-enter the exhibition?

A. You can re-enter the exhibition if you have a pass.